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The Family Tree Clinics Adult & Child Speciality has its origin from a sanskrit verse ‘Manava Seve Madhava Seva’ - Service to humanity is service to divinity.

About the doctors: With many feathers in the cap, Dr. Shravan & Dr. Harshita have had around 9 year work experience in Bengaluru, Karnataka & vast knowledge in General pediatrics, Neonatology, General Medicine & Diabetology, Nutrition and many more to name.

The clinic was established on Dec 2021 which caters to the medical needs of all age groups right from the newborn to the elderly senior citizens.

It is located near MR Palli Police station, RC Road and easily accessible for both tirupati urban & rural population.

Vision: To provide quality & prompt medical care at affordable cost to the society.

Future projects: Expanding to 60 bed hospital with world class medical facilities in tirupati. (Hospital construction in progress)

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The Family Tree Clinics
The Family Tree Clinics